Learn from the best – Ishaq Kayiizi and Build Combat and Self-Defense Skills from a Young Age.

If your child pretends to box around the home, enroll him or her in boxing classes for kids in Dubai, taught by the most elite boxing trainer in Dubai – Ishaq Kayiizi. Boxing and Kickboxing classes for kids are the best way to introduce your kid to the world of martial arts and self-defense.

Boxing is Not Just About Combat. It Is Beyond.

When you introduce your child to kickboxing and boxing, your child will learn more than basic boxing skills and techniques. During boxing classes for kids in Dubai, your child will develop confidence and gain self-defense tools in addition to building strength, stamina, and endurance.

This type of training for kids in Dubai with Ishaq Kayiizi helps improve self-esteem in your child and develop your child into a healthy, strong, and confident person who is fully self- aware about the world around him/her.

Give the Dose of Confidence and Self-esteem to Your Kids with Boxing Classes in Dubai

Ishaq Kayiizi offers kickboxing and boxing training for kids in Dubai in a highly motivated environment and focuses not only on their physical fitness but also on their mental health. His program is specially designed to maintain the perfect balance in pushing kids to achieve their goals while giving them the support and encouragement to help kids tackle their weaknesses, limiting beliefs, and challenges they face in the real world.

He delivers a strong message to all kids about living a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle, no matter what comes in their path. He believes that hard work pays off but the right guidance and technique brings the best transformation. This is why he teaches kids more than about defending and combating.

The kickboxing classes and boxing classes for kids in Dubai offered by Ishaq Kayiizi include shadow boxing, bag work, pad work, bag, partner drills, core strengthening exercises, and more.

It is said that life is a series of punches. So, why not get up and learn how to punch the best way to keep growing forward and becoming better every single day?

Enroll Your Kids for Boxing/Kickboxing Classes for Kids in Dubai

Boxing and kickboxing are two great ways to stay active and build a competitive spirit. So, don’t wait anymore. Introduce Martial Arts right from an early age. Contact now.

If you are in Dubai, no one can be better than Ishaq Kayiizi for learning calisthenics exercises. Whether it’s about calisthenics exercises for beginners or advanced players, Ishaq Kayiizi is the best for all. He knows how to handle people with different capabilities and fitness requirements. Most importantly, he treats every person differently and doesn’t follow a standard program for everyone.

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